Cannabis Moon Rocks: How to Make Them

How to Make Cannabis Moon Rocks

“Moon Rocks” remind me of artisanal chocolates in that they are a combination of different ingredients. Moon Rocks are usually made with nuggets soaked in hash oil and then sprinkled with a layer of kief. The result is some odd-looking nuggets with an outer layer of goodness. Not recommended to any first-time users or the faint of heart.

You need three things to make a moon rock. Dried cannabis flowers, cannabis oil (or other sticky concentrates), and kief. The potency and quality of your moonrock will depend on the materials used to make them. Though I must add, they are potent enough with the mildest of ingredients. You could go out and get the strongest of each, but if you are a cannabis connoisseur you may want to think about the various combinations you could do. For the best moon rock experience, you want flavors and smells that work well together.

If you’re not close to any reliable producers of moon rocks, you’re better off learning to make your own. Some suppliers might hide their lower grade herb and oil under kief.


Most people interested in moon rocks are after the potency, flavor, and quality of moon rocks, wanting to get as “high” as possible. Unless you consume concentrated cannabis on the regular, smoking some moon rocks is bound to be a trip. You’ll want water, snacks and good vibes around if you’re trying them for the first time.

While the average marijuana strains possess THC levels between 15 and 30 percent, Moon Rocks percentage closer to fifty or sixty percent…Moon Rocks are intense, the high resembles that of a good strong dab hit.

Making your own Moon Rocks

Besides for the obvious, smoking it, making a moon rock is the best part. It’s the best way to combine your favorite cannabis herb and concentrate with that stash of kief that you’ve been gathering just for this moment. Since you’re making it yourself, you can alter the potency by choosing stronger or weaker flowers, oils, and kief.

Good news creating Moon Rock isn’t all that difficult: you don’t have to be a rocket scientist.

What You’ll Need to Make Moon Rocks:
  • Freshly cured Cannabis herb
  • Cannabis Concentrate/extract
  • Kief
  • Butter Knife
  • Silicone Gloves and/or Tongs
Your Bud/ Cannabis herb

The buds used for moon rocks should be a strain that is high in THC. Preferably freshly cured premium-quality flowers. Personally, I only consume organic cannabis and if possible, it will be sun grown.

Your oil/ Cannabis Concentrate

You’ll want clean, potent extracts. Try using your own homemade or a good organic supply. I made a small batch of cannabis oil with pure isopropanol. However, for the cannabis connoisseurs, using a high-grade dab or wax concentrate is better.

Your Keif

Kief, are the trichomes that have been separated from the flowers or leaves. They resemble gold dust. A full melt dry sift or bubble hash is the best highest-quality product you can coat a moonrock in.

Again, without a good supplier, you will need to harvest your own. There are a few ways to harvest this. You can either dry sieve it – something some grinders do. Otherwise, you will need to separate it from the plant using iced water and bubble bags. This is a quicker way to harvest more trichomes. It’s the first stage of making “bubble hash”.

Combining your ingredients to make Moon Rocks

Making your moon rocks is easier than anticipated. To start heat up your concentrate in a non-stick container like the NoGoo deep dish. You want the consistency to be thick and runny, be careful not to overheat your oil or cannabis concentrate.

Once the oil is melted, using tweezers or non-stick tongs, or even the NoGoo fingertips. Grab your bud, cannabis nuggets and coat them with your concentrate. Depending on the consistency of your oil can either be done by DipN’Roll or with the use of a pastry brush. You can wait until the oil soaks in and then apply another layer. The outside needs to be sticky in order for the kief to adhere.

Finally, take your oil-soaked cannabis nugs and dunk it in your jar of kief until they’re powdered all around. Cover the nuggets entirely in kief until you have a solid layer of pollen. Then set the Moon Rock aside to let it dry.

The Best Part…

Now that you know how to make a moon rock, it’s time to smoke them. When it comes to the actual act of smoking, you can smoke as you would normal bud but refrain from using a grinder. Putting it through a grinder is bound to lead to stickiness to the point where it can’t be turned. Not to mention, you will lose most of the kief and oil to the teeth of the grinder. Instead, cut your moon rock into smaller, easier to smoke pieces before smoking.

If you do choose to smoke these nuggets, it’s recommended to use a pipe or a hash bowl. Remember, for 1st timers, be sure to stay hydrated and make sure you’ve got food in your stomach. As mentioned earlier, Moon Rocks are one of the most potent forms of cannabis you can smoke.

Finally, be sure to smoke somewhere you can sit and chill free of responsibilities. If you happen to get too “high”, just remember nobody has ever died from a cannabis overdose. A little bit of sugar and rest and you will sleep it off.

Written by Mary-Jane, May 2019

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