Cannabis and Sex: Is it a good combination?

Cannabis and sex. Sex and weed. There have been lots said about this topic, but has any of it been proven? Is it a good combination?  There are many debates on whether or not it is, in fact, better for your sex life. Does weed influence one’s libido? In the cannabis community, many stoners have sworn by the argument that sex is better when you are stoned. Some say that the cannabis effect after sex is more intense while others go as far as to say it kills their sex drive completely – Um okay…

What do we know for sure about weed and sex? We can’t argue the fact that ultimately cannabis is a mind-altering substance and that your perception or experience of sex can be different when you are stoned. However, is it a good combination or not?

What Science has to say:

There are several studies that have been done on sex and cannabis. The results are interesting and ultimately worth experimenting with… I mean seriously, if cleaning my house after a toke is fun, surely it has the potential to enhance the overall experience of let’s say, sex. Right? Let’s take a look at what science has to say.

I mean, there are many products already on the market that would suggest that they do in fact make a good combination. Products such as THC lube, yes this is a real thing is out there, lol.

Do Cannabis Users have more Intercourse?

Yes! I’m not making this up. A large-scale study done in America, 2017 showed some really interesting results. Roughly 28,000 women and 23,000 men were surveyed for this study. Based on the frequency of cannabis consumption and the amount of sex they were having, results were clear!

Research showed that the more marijuana someone used, the more sex they had. Sweet! However, the exact cause and effect behind the connection between sex and weed can’t be drawn from this research. No underlying relationship has therefore been demonstrated.

Increase in Libido:

So according to studies done on heavy cannabis users. The interest in sex after lighting up a doobie or a hit of a bong did in fact increase. However, in all honesty – most of these studies are out of date and date back to 1980s. We certainly do need to update these results, but regardless, results are results.

About 50% of the people surveyed reported thought about or had the desire for intercourse after they had smoked cannabis. Noting that most of them admitted they had more pleasure during. Would that be enough to class cannabis as an aphrodisiac? I don’t think so…

Cannabis and the effect on sperm count:

Okay, so not everything that has been reported about cannabis and sex is good. There has been studies and reports on the effect that cannabis has on a man’s sperm count. Yes, boys, this one is for you – sorry!

Cannabis and Sex: Is it a good combination?

According to research, heavy cannabis use has an effect on men. Not only has it been reported that smoking cannabis reduces sperm count but also its ability to fertilize an egg. Just like everything in life – moderation is key and overdoing anything can have its downsides. Apparently, cannabis can also have a negative effect on pregnancy, because THC can affect the unborn child. The debate is still out on this one, and also at what stage of the pregnancy the women are.

Okay, so that wraps up a short look at an interesting debate. What I have managed to source on this interesting topic. Personally, after a good bong hit – not much isn’t enjoyable. Check out 420 Store’s wide selection of glassware.

Written by Mary-Jane, April 2019

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