How I made Cannabis Concentrates with the Waxy Dab Blast Tube

Taking your cannabis experience to the next level can be fun and exciting. Especially with all the different types of smokeable concentrates out there. Some of the most common of these being cannabis concentrate such Wax, shatter and dabs are bosting super high THC content that packs a punch. (generally fudge, honey or toffee looking). Whether you need high potency cannabis extract for medicinal value or just want to get super high, Waxy DABS BLAST TUBE completes your arsenal.

Using the Waxy dab blast tube is quick and easy and will make high-quality wax/dab if done correctly. The Waxy blast tube comes in 3 sizes, 15g, 50g, and 75g (measured in grams of ground dried herb). This makes it easy to do at home. Please remember that making wax should be done outside or in a well ventilated Area. Highly Flammable gas is used to make sure to be far away from any open flame or cigarette.

So, this is what you’ll need:

  • Waxy blast tube
  • Dried herb (15 g, 50 g, 75 g)
  • 2-4 300ml cans of refillable Lighter gas(* remember to choose one with zero impurities or no smell)
  • Waxy blast screen (* or are you can just use a paper coffee filter and string)
  • 1 x waxy dab tray (or glass dish)
  • Mask and gloves

How I made Cannabis Concentrates with the Waxy Dab Blast Tube

(remember we are working with highly flammable butane gas and caution should be taken)

How to use the Waxy Dab Blast Tube:

First, you need to grind your herb to medium consistency. Make sure that it’s dry. You can do this by putting it in the oven on a very low temperature(50′ Celsius, roughly 10 minutes). This also decarboxylates cannabis and makes it potent. Then you will want to fill the blast tube with your dry cannabis herb and lightly pack it down. Next, you will need to fasten a waxy dab screen. I used one that was 50 microns. The screen is fastened to the open end of the blast tube. A paper coffee filter and a piece of string will works for this too. (if you don’t have screens, just not as well.) Wrap a rag for dish towel around the blast tube, creating a grip to hold as the butane can get really cold.

The next step is to insert the gas nozzle into the small hole of the blast tube. Press down to allow you gas to enter the blast tube and percolate through the cannabis. This is extracting and picking up all the THC as it passes through the blast tube. Hold the Blast tube over the non-stick tray and be sure to catch all of the liquid gas that runs through the filter. You will need to run at least 2 full cans through the average blast tube but 1 can should work for the smallest tube. (ref size).

The Purge:

As the gas bubbles, it evaporates from the non-stick tray. What is left behind is an oily and resinous coating of THC extract. You can speed up the process with double-boiling. This will allow more gas to escape. Simply by placing the non-stick tray over another tray or dish that has boiling water in.  This will let the steaming hot water warm up the bottom of the tray. Take care not to let the bottom of the tray get too hot or the THC extract could be damaged. You will notice bubbles forming and this will slow down as the gas evaporates. The bubbles will start to thicken and hold shape and this is a good time to run something like a toothpick or glass nail over the bubbles to pop them and allow the gas trapped inside to escape.

You will need to do this until all the bubbles have disappeared and you will need to scrape the sticky\resinous substance from the non-stick tray until you are left with a toffee like substance. This is your Wax! The resin/wax is really sticky at room temperature or higher and usually sticks together really easily. This can aid in collecting it off the non-stick tray, all you do is dab some resin using a bigger blob of resin and you will notice how it sticks together making it easier to collect more resin.

Final thoughts:

It sometimes helps to put the tray in a freezer for 10 minutes which will make all the resin/wax go hard and more manageable. You can also use the waxy blast tube in conjunction with an extract purger for an even higher quality extract. Wax/Dabs is very sticky indeed and its best to store it in an airtight, non-stick container.

Please be aware that extracting cannabis using flammable gasses or liquids can be very dangerous if proper care isn’t taken. 420Store encourages safe and cautious use of this product, if you are a first time user please do feel free to contact us for more guidance and direction.

Written by Mary-Jane, Jun 2019

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