Intensify the Effect of Cannabis with Mangos

Cannabis with Mangos

Your first his of cannabis sends your body through an intense buzz. As your usage becomes more regular, the fewer giggles and munchies you get. Your body starts to build resilience to the cannabinoids and the wonderful world of cannabis begins to change. Over time you buzz decreases into a slight buzz that quickly wears off.

Being a regular smoker, I have also been intrigued into ways I could elevate my cannabis experience. Evening the dreaded “break” from the herb. After all, the more you smoke, the more you’ll grow accustomed to it as your tolerance levels increase. One theory that has sparked my interest is the claim that mangoes can elevate your high. It is said that they are a match made in heaven. Saying that mangoes lend to a faster, stronger, and longer lasting eutrophic feeling. How and why is this so?

The Terpene called Mycrene

The terpene called Mycrene is the similarity found in the chemical make-up of both the fruit and the flower. This is the essential oil produced in the cannabis bud’s sticky resin glands. Terpenes are the compounds that influence how the plant interacts with your body. What does your bud smell like? What you’re smelling is essentially provided by terpenes. Now have a bite of fruit, in this case, mango. That distinct taste and smell are also provided by terpenes.

In this case, the connection between these two is believed to lie in Mycrene. A group of Swiss’ got together and decided to study 16 different cannabis strains. The study showed Myrcene as the most common terpene found in each plant. So, this is why mangoes and weed are a perfect combination. Resulting in an overall better high.

Mycrene in the Bloodstream

Try this: An hour before you have your next session, eat a mango. The myrcene terpene will enter your bloodstream and bind to various cannabinoid receptors. These bonds “prime” the receptors over time which then helps them respond more effectively to cannabinoids. Research suggests that that on average, THC takes seven seconds to reach the brain. However, if you eat mango at least an hour before smoking, you could potentially halve that time. Let’s all put that theory to the test.  – Comment your finding below.

Eating the mango will naturally boost the levels of terpenes and boost the high, but there’s another benefit to mangoes. Not only are they high in myrcene terpene, but they also are high in vitamins C, A and dietary fiber which is a great way to counter any junk-food munchies.

Cannabis with Mangos

Eating Mangos before Lighting up

In my experience, I found that lighting up after I ate mangos, plural… I ate 2! My experience was more euphoric, was it all just out of the excitement I do not know. I am no scientist. However, I was definitely high. But was it due to the fruit or the organically grown bud?

It’s important to note, that these experiences may vary from person to person. The “mango effect” might not work for everyone. Although I enjoyed the high, I’m still a bit hesitant to say that this is a concrete and proven theory. Personally, my tolerance to the medicinal herb weed is ever fluctuating due to my excessive use and multiple strains. I do find that mixing up the stains I consume that my tolerance levels adjust accordingly.

There is a definite link between mangoes and cannabis, however, the effect is still up for debate. Some people swear by it, and some say the effect is purely psychological. But what do you think? Have a go at it yourself and do let me know in the comments if it’s worked for you.

Written by Mary-Jane, April 2019


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