Vaporizer or “Vape” is a device used to vaporize dry herb or extracts without the use of combustion. This allows you to inhale the essential active compounds without inhaling any smoke or harmful byproducts like tar or carbon monoxide. It’s healthier, smoother, cleaner and smarter. Vaporizing has quickly become the latest innovation in the smoking industry, whether it’s through a complicated induction heating system or simply a flame held at distance. With vaporization you inhale pure plant vapor from any dry herb blend, oil or wax concentrates by means of either conduction or convection. Vapes come in an array of designs from vape pens to portable vapes to desktop vaporizers. 420 Store stocks a large selection of vaporizers manufactured with top of the line components; whether they are oven chambers for dry herb, atomizers for concentrates or whip or balloon attachments for desktop vaporizers. Vaporizing is more than a trend, it’s a transition to a new way of consuming cannabis and fortunately, vaporizing isn’t just more conscious – it packs a punch, too.

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