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Desktop vaporizers are generally larger and appeal to those who want a bigger hit. They pack a punch when it comes to vapor production – much more than their portable counterparts; they are the most powerful and in most cases deliver the best vapor quality. Desktop vaporizers are not very portable and since these units do need to be plugged-in to function, they are perfect for the person that likes to get strong hits and enjoys their medicine at home. Desktop vaporizers can further be broken down into two different types – forced-air and whip-style. Forced-air units are usually larger, tower-style units designed for home use.  Whip-style vaporizers use an internal fan that sends a current of air through the heating chamber, which then travels into a whip or balloon bag for inhalation, good for group sessions. Some units do come with car adapters so you can use them while in the car which would be perfect for those campers who don’t want to settle for a rechargeable portable. 420 Store offers desktop vaporizers from high-end to entry-level made from top quality materials and reputable companies to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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