Magic Flight Ufo (Unnamed Filtration Object)


The Magic Flight UFO (Unnamed Filtration Object) is an ingenious portable bubbler that can turn any drinking glass into a water bubbler for on-the-go vaping, within seconds.


Hand crafted in San Diego, California, the Magic Flight Launch Box UFO is designed from durable and waterproof bamboo. The Magic Flight UFO is small in size and underneath the UFO disk a foam seal keeps the connection on top of any glass container air tight. You can simply use a bottle, glass cup, paper cup, coffee mug or similar medium to turn the UFO into a custom bubbler. Accompanied by an acrylic draw stem, a whip to connect to your Launch Box, and two perforated acrylic straws (down-stems) for better bubble dispersion in glasses of varying heights, the UFO is a sleek and portable device that fits easily into your pocket.

If you are ready to experience your Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer (or Maud Dib Oil Vaporizer) in a whole new way, connect to the UFO!


  • 1pc Bamboo Unnamed Filtration Object (10cm diameter)
  • 1pc whip (45cm length)
  • 1pc draw stem (11cm length)
  • 2pcs perforated acrylic straws (7cm length & 11cm length)
  • Instructions
  • Velvet storage pouch


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