Included in the box:

  • 1 pc Puffco Peak
  • 1 pc Carrying case
  • 1 pc Pack of cleaning swabs
  • 1 pc Loading tool
  • 1 pc Micro-UBS cable and supercharger
  • 1 pc Carb cap
  • 1 pc Extra ceramic bowl


The Puffco Peak Vaporizer from well known Puffco, is a revolutionary dabbing rig device for vaping concentrates that combines the concept of an e-nail to a ‘smart bong’.

The Peak is a game-changer capable to vaporize your herbal concentrates with the push of a button in just under 25 seconds while its water filtration system will provide a pure, potent and tasty vapor, completely wirelessly.

The Puffco Peak features a removable ceramic bowl, four pre-programmed heat settings tailored for small to extra-large dabs, intelligent temperature calibration sensor that will automatically adjust the heat of your bowl to ensure a more consistent experience, heat cycles, and battery level are indicated using a LED light band, and haptic feedback to time your perfect hit and to indicate changes of settings.

Puffco Peak is compatible exclusively with concentrates and a fully charged unit will last you around 30 dabs. Charging time around 2 hours.


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